Karma-Yoga : Ch-3. Part-13.



Then the wife said to her husband, 'Give him my share,' but the husband said, 'Not so.'

The wife however insisted, saying, 'Here is a poor man, and it is our duty as householders to see that he is fed, and it is my duty as a wife to give him my portion, seeing that you have no more to offer him.'

Then she gave her share to the guest, which he ate, and said he was still burning with hunger.

So the son said, 'Take my portion also; it is the duty of a son to help his father to fulfil his obligations.'

The guest ate that, but remained still unsatisfied; so the son's wife gave him her portion also.

That was sufficient, and the guest departed, blessing them.

That night those four people died of starvation.

A few granules of that flour had fallen on the floor; and when I rolled my body on them, half of it became golden, as you see.

"Since then I have been travelling all over the world, hoping to find another sacrifice like that, but nowhere have I found one; nowhere else has the other half of my body been turned into gold. That is why I say this is no sacrifice."

Swami Vivekananda

To be continued   ...