Karma-Yoga : Ch-4. Part-12.


What is Duty?


The only way to rise is by doing the duty next to us, and thus gathering strength go on until we reach the highest state.

A young SannyĆ¢sin went to a forest; there he meditated, worshipped, and practiced Yoga for a long time.

After years of hard work and practice, he was one day sitting under a tree, when some dry leaves fell upon his head.

He looked up and saw a crow and a crane fighting on the top of the tree, which made him very angry.

He said, "What! Dare you throw these dry leaves upon my head!"

As with these words he angrily glanced at them, a flash of fire went out of his head — such was the Yogi's power — and burnt the birds to ashes.

He was very glad, almost overjoyed at this development of power — he could burn the crow and the crane by a look.

Swami Vivekananda

To be continued  ...


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