Karma-Yoga : Ch-4. Part-14.


What is Duty?


The Sannyasin thought, "Why should I go to that town and to a Vyadha?"

But after what he had seen, his mind opened a little, so he went.

When he came near the town, he found the market and there saw, at a distance, a big fat Vyadha cutting meat with big knives, talking and bargaining with different people.

The young man said, "Lord help me! Is this the man from whom I am going to learn?

He is the incarnation of a demon, if he is anything.

In the meantime this man looked up and said, "O Swami, did that lady send you here? Take a seat until I have done my business."

The Sannyasin thought, "What comes to me here?"

He took his seat; the man went on with his work, and after he had finished he took his money and said to the Sannyasin, "Come sir, come to my home."

On reaching home the Vyadha gave him a seat, saying, "Wait here," and went into the house.

He then washed his old father and mother, fed them, and did all he could to please them, after which he came to the Sannyasin and said, "Now, sir, you have come here to see me; what can I do for you?"

Swami Vivekananda

To be continued  ...