Karma-Yoga : Ch-5. Part-7.




As a boy I had some white mice.

They were kept in a little box in which there were little wheels, and when the mice tried to cross the wheels, the wheels turned and turned, and the mice never got anywhere.

So it is with the world and our helping it.

The only help is that we get moral exercise.

This world is neither good nor evil; each man manufactures a world for himself.

If a blind man begins to think of the world, it is either as soft or hard, or as cold or hot.

We are a mass of happiness or misery; we have seen that hundreds of times in our lives.

As a rule, the young are optimistic and the old pessimistic.

The young have life before them; the old complain their day is gone; hundreds of desires, which they cannot fulfil struggle in their hearts.

Swami Vivekananda

To be continued   ......


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