Karma-Yoga : Ch-5. Part-9.




All good acts tend to make us pure and perfect.

What can we do at best?

Build a hospital, make roads, or erect charity asylums.

We may organise a charity and collect two or three millions of dollars, build a hospital with one million, with the second give balls and drink champagne, and of the third let the officers steal half, and leave the rest finally to reach the poor; but what are all these?

One mighty wind in five minutes can break all your buildings up.

What shall we do then?

One volcanic eruption may sweep away all our roads and hospitals and cities and buildings.

Let us give up all this foolish talk of doing good to the world.

It is not waiting for your or my help; yet we must work and constantly do good, because it is a blessing to ourselves.

That is the only way we can become perfect.

Swami Vivekananda

To be continued   .....


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