Karma-Yoga : Ch-6. Part-4.



Part : 4.

The cause must have its effect; nothing can prevent or restrain this.

Now comes a very fine and serious question about Karma-Yoga — namely, that these actions of ours, both good and evil, are intimately connected with each other.

We cannot put a line of  demarcation and say, this action is entirely good and this entirely evil.

There is no action which does not bear good and evil fruits at the same time.

To take the nearest example: I am talking to you, and some of you, perhaps, think I am doing good; and at the same time I am, perhaps, killing thousands of microbes in the atmosphere; I am thus doing evil to something else.

When it is very near to us and affects those we know, we say that it is very good action if it affects them in a good manner.

For instance, you may call my speaking to you very good, but the microbes will not; the microbes you do not see, but yourselves you do see.

The way in which my talk affects you is obvious to you, but how it affects the microbes is not so obvious.

 And so, if we analyse our evil actions also, we may find that some good possibly results from them somewhere.

He who in good action sees that there is something evil in it, and in the midst of evil sees that there is something good in it somewhere, has known the secret of work.

Swami Vivekananda

To be continued   ....