Karma-Yoga : Ch-6. Part-6.



Part : 6.

Life itself is a state of continuous struggle between ourselves and everything outside.

Every moment we are fighting actually with external nature, and if we are defeated, our life has to go.

It is, for instance, a continuous struggle for food and air.

If food or air fails, we die. Life is not a simple and smoothly flowing thing, but it is a compound effect.

This complex struggle between something inside and the external world is what we call life.

So it is clear that when this struggle ceases, there will be an end of life.

What is meant by ideal happiness is the cessation of this struggle.

But then life will cease, for the struggle can only cease when life itself has ceased.

We have seen already that in helping the world we help ourselves.

"The main effect of work done for others is to purify ourselves."

Swami Vivekananda

To be continued   ....


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