Karma-Yoga : Ch-7. Part-7.



What is Karma-Yoga?

The knowledge of the secret of work.

We see that the whole universe is working.

For what?

For salvation, for liberty; from the atom to the highest being, working for the one end, liberty for the mind, for the body, for the spirit.

All things are always trying to get freedom, flying away from bondage.

The sun, the moon, the earth, the planets, all are trying to fly away from bondage.

The centrifugal and the centripetal forces of nature are indeed typical of our universe.

Instead of being knocked about in this universe, and after long delay and thrashing, getting to know things as they are, we learn from Karma-Yoga the secret of work, the method of work, the organising power of work.

A vast mass of energy may be spent in vain if we do not know how to utilise it.

Karma-Yoga makes a science of work; you learn by it how best to utilise all the workings of this world.

Work is inevitable, it must be so; but we should work to the highest purpose.

Karma-Yoga makes us admit that this world is a world of five minutes, that it is a something we have to pass through; and that freedom is not here, but is only to be found beyond.

To find the way out of the bondages of the world we have to go through it slowly and surely.

There may be those exceptional persons about whom I just spoke, those who can stand aside and give up the world, as a snake casts off its skin and stands aside and looks at it.

There are no doubt these exceptional beings; but the rest of mankind have to go slowly through the world of work.

Karma-Yoga shows the process, the secret, and the method of doing it to the best advantage.

Swami Vivekananda
To be continued  ...


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