Karma-Yoga : Ch-7. Part-14.



The Buddhas and the Christs that we know are but second-rate heroes in comparison with the greatest men of whom the world knows nothing.

Hundreds of these unknown heroes have lived in every country working silently.

Silently they live and silently they pass away; and in time their thoughts find expression in Buddhas or Christs, and it is these latter that become known to us.

The highest men do not seek to get any name or fame from their knowledge.

They leave their ideas to the world; they put forth no claims for themselves and establish no schools or systems in their name.

Their whole nature shrinks from such a thing.

They are the pure Sattvikas, who can never make any stir, but only melt down in love.

I have seen one such Yogi who lives in a cave in India.

He is one of the most wonderful men I have ever seen.

He has so completely lost the sense of his own individuality that we may say that the man in him is completely gone, leaving behind only the all comprehending sense of the divine.

If an animal bites one of his arms, he is ready to give it his other arm also, and say that it is the Lord's will.

Everything that comes to him is from the Lord.

He does not show himself to men, and yet he is a magazine of love and of true and sweet ideas.

Swami Vivekananda
To be continued  ...


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