Karma-Yoga : Ch-7. Part-16.



These Sattvika men are too near the Lord to be active and to fight, to be working, struggling, preaching and doing good, as they say, here on earth to humanity.

The active workers, however good, have still a little remnant of ignorance left in them.

When our nature has yet some impurities left in it, then alone can we work.

It is in the nature of work to be impelled ordinarily by motive and by attachment.

In the presence of an ever active Providence who notes even the sparrow's fall, how can man attach any importance to his own work?

Will it not be a blasphemy to do so when we know that He is taking care of the minutest things in the world?

We have only to stand in awe and reverence before Him saying, "Thy will be done".

The highest men cannot work, for in them there is no attachment.

Those whose whole soul is gone into the Self, those whose desires are confined in the Self, who have become ever associated with the Self, for them there is no work.

Such are indeed the highest of mankind; but apart from them every one else has to work.

In so working we should never think that we can help on even the least thing in this universe.

Swami Vivekananda
To be continued  ...


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