Karma-Yoga : Ch-8. Part-12.





When a boy is going to school and his father and mother are taking care of him, everything seems blessed to him; his wants are simple, he is a great optimist.

But the old man, with his varied experience, becomes calmer and is sure to have his warmth considerably cooled down.

So, old nations, with signs of decay all around them, are apt to be less hopeful than new nations.

There is a proverb in India: "A thousand years a city, and a thousand years a forest."

This change of city into forest and vice versa is going on everywhere, and it makes people optimists or pessimists according to the side they see of it.

The next idea we take up is the idea of equality.

These millennium ideas have been great motive powers to work.

Many religions preach this as an element in them — that God is coming to rule the universe, and that then there will be no difference at all in conditions.

The people who preach this doctrine are mere fanatics, and fanatics are indeed the sincerest of mankind.

Swami Vivekananda
To be continued  ...


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