Karma-Yoga : Ch-8. Part-13.





Christianity was preached just on the basis of the fascination of this fanaticism, and that is what made it so attractive to the Greek and the Roman slaves.

They believed that under the millennial religion there would be no more slavery, that there would be plenty to eat and drink; and, therefore, they flocked round the Christian standard.

Those who preached the idea first were of course ignorant fanatics, but very sincere.

In modern times this millennial aspiration takes the form of equality — of liberty, equality, and fraternity.

This is also fanaticism. True equality has never been and never can be on earth.

How can we all be equal here?

This impossible kind of equality implies total death.

What makes this world what it is?

Lost balance.

In the primal state, which is called chaos, there is perfect balance.

How do all the formative forces of the universe come then?

Swami Vivekananda
To be continued  ...


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