Karma-Yoga : Ch-8. Part-16.





The American Indians were in this country for thousands of years, and a few handfuls of your ancestors came to their land.

What difference they have caused in the appearance of the country!

Why did not the Indians make improvements and build cities, if all were equal?

With your ancestors a different sort of brain power came into the land, different bundles of past impressions came, and they worked out and manifested themselves.

 Absolute non-differentiation is death.

So long as this world lasts, differentiation there will and must be, and the millennium of perfect equality will come only when a cycle of creation comes to its end.

Before that, equality cannot be.

Yet this idea of realising the millennium is a great motive power. Just as inequality is necessary for creation itself, so the struggle to limit it is also necessary.

If there were no struggle to become free and get back to God, there would be no creation either.

It is the difference between these two forces that determines the nature of the motives of men.

There will always be these motives to work, some tending towards bondage and others towards freedom.

Swami Vivekananda
To be continued  ...


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