Karma-Yoga : Ch-8. Part-19.





So the only way is to give up all the fruits of work, to be unattached to them.

Know that this world is not we, nor are we this world; that we are really not the body; that we really do not work.

We are the Self, eternally at rest and at peace.

Why should we be bound by anything?

It is very good to say that we should be perfectly non-attached, but what is the way to do it?

Every good work we do without any ulterior motive, instead of forging a new chain, will break one of the links in the existing chains.

Every good thought that we send to the world without thinking of any return, will be stored up there and break one link in the chain, and make us purer and purer, until we become the purest of mortals.

Yet all this may seem to be rather quixotic and too philosophical, more theoretical than practical.

I have read many arguments against the Bhagavad-Gita, and many have said that without motives you cannot work.

They have never seen unselfish work except under the influence of fanaticism, and, therefore, they speak in that way.

Swami Vivekananda
To be continued  ...