Karma-Yoga : Ch-8. Part-20.





Let me tell you in conclusion a few words about one man who actually carried this teaching of Karma-Yoga into practice.

That man is Buddha.

He is the one man who ever carried this into perfect practice.

All the prophets of the world, except Buddha, had external motives to move them to unselfish action.

The prophets of the world, with this single exception, may be divided into two sets, one set holding that they are incarnations of God come down on earth, and the other holding that they are only messengers from God; and both draw their impetus for work from outside, expect reward from outside, however highly spiritual may be the language they use.

 But Buddha is the only prophet who said, "I do not care to know your various theories about God. What is the use of discussing all the subtle doctrines about the soul?

Do good and be good. And this will take you to freedom and to whatever truth there is."

He was, in the conduct of his life, absolutely without personal motives; and what man worked more than he?

Show me in history one character who has soared so high above all.

The whole human race has produced but one such character, such high philosophy, such wide sympathy.

Swami Vivekananda
To be continued  ...


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