Jnana-Yoga : - 1-13.


The lower types of humanity in all nations find pleasure in the senses, while the cultured and the educated find it in thought, in philosophy, in arts and sciences.
Spirituality is a still higher plane.

The subject being infinite, that plane is the highest, and the pleasure there is the highest for those who can appreciate it.

So, even on the utilitarian ground that man is to seek for pleasure, he should cultivate religious thought, for it is the highest pleasure that exists.

Thus religion, as a study, seems to me to be absolutely necessary.

We can see it in its effects.

It is the greatest motive power that moves the human mind No other ideal can put into us the same mass of energy as the spiritual.

So far as human history goes, it is obvious to all of us that this has been the case and that its powers are not dead.

I do not deny that men, on simply utilitarian grounds, can be very good and moral.

There have been many great men in this world perfectly sound, moral, and good, simply on utilitarian grounds.

Swami Vivekananda
To be continued  ...

A part of Belur Math