Jnana-Yoga : - 1-14.


But the world-movers, men who bring, as It were, a mass of magnetism into the world whose spirit works in hundreds and in thousands, whose life ignites others with a spiritual fire — such men, we always find, have that spiritual background.

Their motive power came from religion.

Religion is the greatest motive power for realising that infinite energy which is the birthright and nature of every man.

In building up character in making for everything that is good and great, in bringing peace to others and peace to one's own self, religion is the highest motive power and, therefore, ought to be studied from that standpoint. Religion must be studied on a broader basis than formerly.

All narrow limited, fighting ideas of religion have to go.

All sect ideas and tribal or national ideas of religion must be given up.

That each tribe or nation should have its own particular God and think that every other is wrong is a superstition that should belong to the past.

All such ideas must be abandoned.

As the human mind broadens, its spiritual steps broaden too.

The time has already come when a man cannot record a thought without its reaching to all corners of the earth; by merely physical means, we have come into touch with the whole world; so the future religions of the world have to become as universal, as wide.

Swami Vivekananda
To be continued  ...
Belur Math


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