Jnana-Yoga :2-14.

(Delivered in London)

What is the utility, the effect, the result, of this knowledge?

In these days, we have to measure everything by utility — by how many pounds shillings, and pence it represents.

What right has a person to ask that truth should be judged by the standard of utility or money?

Suppose there is no utility, will it be less true?

Utility is not the test of truth.

Nevertheless, there is the highest utility in this.

Happiness, we see is what everyone is seeking for, but the majority seek it in things which are evanescent and not real.

No happiness was ever found in the senses.

There never was a person who found happiness in the senses or in enjoyment of the senses.

Happiness is only found id the Spirit.

Therefore the highest utility for mankind is to find this happiness in the Spirit.

The next point is that ignorance is the great mother of all misery, and the fundamental ignorance is to think that the Infinite weeps and cries, that He is finite.

Swami Vivekananda
To be continued  ...


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