Jnana-Yoga : 3-26.

( Delivered in London )

This Maya is everywhere.

It is terrible.

Yet we have to work through it.

The man who says that he will work when the world has become all good and then he will enjoy bliss is as likely to succeed as the man who sits beside the Ganga and says, "I will ford the river when all the water has run into the ocean."

The way is not with Maya, but against it.

This is another fact to learn.

We are not born as helpers of nature, but competitors with nature.

We are its bond-masters, but we bind ourselves down.

Why is this house here?

Nature did not build it.

Nature says, go and live in the forest.

Man says, I will build a house and fight with nature, and he does so. 

Swami Vivekananda
To be continued ...